About ADR

How does mediation work?

Mediation gives the parties the opportunity to discuss the issues raised in the complaint, clear up misunderstandings, find areas of agreement and, ultimately, to incorporate those areas of agreement into a final resolution of the complaint. The mediator focuses the attention of the parties upon their needs and interests rather than on their stated positions.

Participation in the OSC Mediation Program is voluntary. In selected cases that are slated for referral to OSC’s Investigation and Prosecution Division, the OSC ADR Specialist contacts the complainant and the employing agency to invite them to participate in the mediation program. If both parties agree, OSC schedules a Mediation Session. OSC mediators, who have extensive mediation training and experience in federal personnel law, conduct a mediation session at a mutually convenient time and location. If mediation results in resolution, the agreement is put into writing and becomes binding on both parties.