2008 Press Releases
Release No. Date Title
PR08_13 12/4/08 Office of Special Counsel Files Complaint for Disciplinary Action Against Police Chief for Ogden Police Department
PR08_12 12/4/08 Office of Special Counsel Clarifies Whistleblower Reprisal Complaint Settlement with Minnesota U.S. Attorney’s Office
PR08_11 12/3/08 Office of Special Counsel Settles Whistleblower Reprisal Complaint Against Minnesota U.S. Attorneys’ Office
PR08_10 11/13/08 Special Counsel’s Report Substantiates Cover-up of Operational Errors at Dallas / Ft. Worth International Airport
PR08_09 10/24/08 President's Personnel Announcement
PR08_08 10/20/08 Special Counsel Bloch's Letter to the President
PR08_07 9/25/08 Ohio Prosecutor Admits to Violating the Hatch Act
PR08_06 8/21/08 New Orleans Flood Protection to Get New Investigation OSC Report Prompts New Effort by DoD Inspector General
PR08_05 6/12/08 FAA Whistleblowers Receive Special Counsel's Public Servant Award
PR08_04 5/21/08 NASA Employee Suspended for Hatch Act Violations 180 days for political e-mailing and blogging on the clock
PR08_03 4/8/08 Guardsman Gets Justice After Seven-Year Wait Long-stalled USERRA case settled quickly after referral to OSC
PR08_02 2/12/08 OSC: EPA Administrator Did Not Violate Hatch Act Better Agency Review Processes Recommended
PR08_01 1/3/08 USERRA Demonstration Project Concluded Servicemember Claims May Not Be Submitted to OSC