2012 Press Releases
Release No. Date Title
PR12_26 12/18/12 Congress Modernizes the Hatch Act
PR12_25 12/18/12 OSC Resolves Cases of Prohibited Personnel Practices
PR12_24 11/30/12 OSC Applauds Senate Passage of Hatch Act Reforms
PR12_23 11/30/12 OSC Granted Stay in Challenge to Commerce Department Gag Clauses
PR12_22 11/27/12 Landmark Whistleblower Legislation Becomes Law
PR12_21 11/13/12 Special Counsel Lauds Passage of Stronger Whistleblower Protections
PR12_20 10/24/12 Border Patrol agent settles claim of whistleblower retaliation
PR12_19 9/24/12 OSC Helps Wisconsin National Guardsman
PR12_18 9/12/12 OSC Concludes Hatch Act Investigation of Secretary Sebelius
PR12_17 9/11/12 Two ATF "Fast and Furious" Whistleblowers Settle Cases
PR12_16 9/7/12 Merit Systems Protection Board grants stay for U.S. Army whistleblowers
PR12_15 8/17/12 Two Federal Employees to Serve Suspensions for Violating the Hatch Act
PR12_14 8/7/12 Whistleblower Settles Case with ATF
PR12_13 6/29/12 Hatch Act Modernization Act Approved by Senate Committee
PR12_12 6/28/12 Special Counsel Presents Public Servant of the Year Award
PR12_11 6/20/12 OSC Urges Agencies to Heed Whistleblower Rights When Monitoring Employee Communications
PR12_10 5/21/12 Special Counsel Encouraged by Disciplinary Actions for Retaliation at Port Mortuary
PR12_09 5/8/12 Special Counsel Calls for Stronger DOT Oversight of Airline Safety
PR12_08 3/23/12 Two Veterans Affairs Employees Serve Suspensions for Violating the Hatch Act
PR12_07 3/16/12 OSC Releases Report Detailing Retaliation Against Port Mortuary Whistleblowers
PR12_06 3/7/12 OSC Applauds Introduction of Hatch Act Modernization Act of 2012
PR12_05 3/2/12 Statement Regarding Retirement of U.S Mortuary Official Keel
PR12_04 2/28/12 OSC Response to Reforms and Corrective Action at Air Force’s Port Mortuary
PR12_03 2/15/12 Office of Special Counsel Broadens Investigation into FDA’s Surveillance of Employees’ E-mail
PR12_02 2/8/12 Special Counsel Announces Whistleblower Settlement with IRS
PR12_01 1/31/12 Special Counsel Sends Whistleblower Retaliation Report to Air Force