How to Order OSC Publications From GPO

  1. Publications can only be ordered when OSC has requested a rider from GPO*.

  2. OSC's current rider will close on: 7/15/03

  3. The printing officer at your agency will receive a notice when the next rider for OSC publications is open.

  4. To order OSC publications, fill-out an SF 1 and have your printing officer submit the form to GPO. 

  5. You must file a separate SF 1 for each OSC publication that you order.

  6. *At the discretion of GPO, certain publications may be stocked at the GPO Bookstore. You may call toll free 1-866-512-1800 (D.C. area 202-512-1800) to determine if an OSC publication is stocked at the bookstore.

OSC Publications
GPO Jacket No. Product Title Publication Date
322-354 The Role of the Office of Special Counsel (Pamphlet) 1/06
322-371 Political Activity and the Federal Employee (Pamphlet) 1/06
322-372 Whistleblower Retaliation (Poster) 12/05
322-373 Prohibited Personnel Practices (Poster) 12/05
322-374 Whistleblowing (Poster) 12/05
322-375 The Hatch Act & Federal Employees (Poster) 12/05
322-376 Code of Ethics (Poster) 12/05
322-465 Political Activity & the State & Local Employee (Pamphlet) 1/06

For additional information please visit GPO's website at: