Government corporations are required to recertify every three years. After receiving initial certification from OSC, the corporation may recertify by providing OSC with verification that the supervisory training was completed (must be completed every three years for all supervisors) and that the corporation continues to meet the other requirements of the program such as issuing an annual notice to all employees about their rights and remedies under the applicable PPPs and rights to file whistleblower disclosures

Register: OSC encourages recertifying agencies to register with OSC as they approach the end of their certification period. To register, complete the registration form and email the form to If you have any questions regarding the program, please email the same address or call the helpline (202) 804-7163. Once OSC receives the completed form, we will enroll you in the certification program and list your agency on OSC's website.

Updates/Approval of Materials: Changes to the law may have occurred since your initial certification. To avoid delays in recertification, it is strongly recommended that agencies contact OSC before completing recertification requirements in order to arrange for OSC to provide training and/or to ensure all materials (including internally created training documents) are up to date. Please note that if your agency elects to use forms or training materials outside of the materials provided by OSC, you must send the materials to OSC prior to dissemination to ensure the materials meet the requirements of the program.

Request Recertification: After completing the five requirements of the program, fill out the compliance form, then email the form and supporting documentation to​. After OSC reviews the application and ensures completion of the five requirements, we will grant the agency a certificate of compliance indicating the agency's fulfillment of their statutory obligations under 5 U.S.C. § 2302(c). Additionally, we list certified agencies on OSC's website and report federal agencies' compliance with OSC's Certification Program annually to Congress.​