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Employment Opportunities


OSC does most of ​​its recruiting within the following three occupations: GS-0201-Personnel Management Specialist, GS-0905-Attorney, and GS-1810-Investigator.

Currently, OSC has three job openings:

Chief Operating Officer, ​Series and Grade: ES-0340-00​, Announcement Number: PH-NM-16-10000338​​​

Information Technology Specialist, Series and Grade: GS-2210-13, Announcement Number: PH-NM-16-10000313

Information Technology Specialist, Series and Grade: GS-2210-14​, Announcement Number: PH-NM-16-10000314​

For information about job opportunities in the federal government, we suggest that you should review the vacancies posted on the Office of Personnel Management's USAJOBS website. There you can review and download vacancy announcements for most federal agencies. USAJOBS also has a resume builder feature available for your use that will allow you to develop a resume on-line.