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NC lawyer confirmed as OSC head 2/29/20242024
OSC Credits Whistleblower with Safety Improvements at VA 2/27/20242024
Whistleblowing microbiologist wins unfair dismissal case against USGS 1/1/20242024
Key federal workforce agencies get confirmed leaders3/7/20242024
Special Counsel’s office cites whistleblower protections in immigration judge gag order4/3/20242024
Federal Employees Suspended for Violating Hatch Act4/15/20242024
Advocates Urge Federal Agencies to Recognize National Whistleblower Day4/23/20242024
Coast Guard says nondisclosure agreements should not stop cooperation in Senate’s investigation of academy scandal5/1/20242024
Best Places to Work in the Federal Government 20235/16/20242024
Hatch Act gets more teeth after White House ‘loophole’ closed5/20/20242024
Dellinger Opinion | Time to Close the Hatch Act’s Escape Hatch5/20/20242024
Federal Employees Warned To Follow Hatch Act When Using Social Media5/29/20242024
What OSC’s Hatch Act updates mean for federal employees6/4/20242024
There’s a new Hatch Act and whistleblower retaliation sheriff in town6/7/20242024
OSC Urges Making Whistleblower Appreciation Day Permanent6/26/20242024

 Accordion Control

While the Air Force did not find evidence of criminal activity, five members of the department were cited for policy violations1/13/20232023
Probe finds falsified training records at Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station's fire department1/14/20232023
Federal worker who ran for Congress as a Democrat gets fired1/24/20232023
New rankings highlight the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government4/4/20232023
Becerra violated Hatch Act by advocating for senator’s election, report finds4/18/20232023
Here's How the Hatch Act Applies, With Biden Running for President Again4/27/20232023
ATF broke the law by paying agents millions in wrongful benefits, watchdog tells Biden5/2/20232023
Government Report Finds Former USAGM CEO Abused Authority, Wasted $1.6 Million in Funds5/10/20232023
Federal watchdogs issue scathing reports on U.S. attorney for Massachusetts5/17/20232023
Celtics Tickets, Political Revenge: U.S. Attorney Accused of Broad Misconduct5/17/20232023
ATF Misclassified Jobs. A Senator Wants the Justice Department to Dig Deeper. 5/23/20232023
Removal, Debarment Ordered in Hatch Act Case12/21/20232023
School board member resigns from job over Hatch Act violation 11/12/20232023
White House on Ron Klain violating the Hatch Act: ‘We are not perfect’ 10/27/20222022
A few Hatch Act takeaways for federal employees this election season11/4/20222022
Agents in drug war must walk a ‘fine line.’ In Florida, more than a few have crossed it 12/4/20222022
FAA Survey Reveals Concerns About Its Approach To Southwest Airlines' Safety12/26/20222022
The Case of the Campaign Hat: Settlement Underscores Scope of Hatch Act 7/26/20222022
FAA Faulted for Its Oversight of Southwest in New Report 7/27/20222022
Whistleblowers hit Southwest, FAA for lax safety practices 7/27/20222022
Whistleblower reveals half-billion in uncollected U.S. debts 7/21/20222022
Whistleblower physician reinstated at California VA hospital 7/7/20222022
These Three Federal Employees Landed in Hot Water Over Hatch Act Violations6/24/20222022
Shorting Seniors5/22/20222022
Special Counsel Kerner: A reminder for federal employees who itch to run for political office. Don’t. 5/26/20222022
Most Feds Won't Actually Be Able to Hold Partisan Office and Keep Their Day Jobs, Despite Precedent4/29/20222022
USERRA Case Results in Reinstatement, Four Years of Back Pay4/29/20222022
Reversed Employee Suspension at USDA Leads to New Policy on Employee Publishing Rights12/22/20212021
Top Trump Officials Violated Hatch Act Ban on Political Activity During 2020 Campaign, Watchdog Says11/9/20212021
Special Counsel Honors Whistleblower Who Disclosed Debt Collection Failure9/28/20212021
He Guarded Haiti’s Slain President. And He Was a Suspect in a Drug Inquiry.8/21/20212021
U.S. special counsel lays blame on DEA in bungled Haiti drug-trafficking case8/16/20212021
A U.S. scientist settled his federal whistle-blowing complaint over Covid treatments8/9/20212021
Flies in the OR: Unsanitary Conditions at VA Facility Confirmed8/3/20212021
National Whistleblower Day: Supporting our bold whistleblowers (Henry J. Kerner opinion)7/30/20212021
Recent Case Action Restores Confidence in Federal Whistleblowers6/1/20212021
HUD Secretary Fudge violated the Hatch Act, Office of the Special Counsel rules5/13/20212021
Court Reverses Ruling Critics Said Left Feds Vulnerable to Retaliation, Citing 'Magnitude' of Errors5/10/20212021
Faulty Planning and Coordination Hampered the Government's Early Pandemic Repatriation Efforts4/19/20212021
Ex-Trump Official Fined and Barred From Government Over R.N.C. Video4/6/20212021
Whistleblower says FDA minimized safety risks at Merck vaccine plan 3/31/20212021
Sheriff who flew Trump flag on patrol boat violated ban on partisan political activity, officials say3/14/20212021
Federal watchdog finds VA ignored bullying complaints 3/5/20212021
Veterans Affairs administration ignored complaints of harassment and bullying, federal watchdog says3/4/20212021
Whistleblower Protection Agency Argues for Lower Standard for Feds to Prove They've Been Retaliated Against2/16/20212021
VA doctors harvested liver tissue from sick vets without consent: OSC2/10/20212021
U.S. handling of American evacuees from Wuhan increased coronavirus risks, watchdog finds1/28/20212021
Millions Meant for Public Health Threats Were Diverted Elsewhere, Watchdog Says1/27/20212021
Hill Air Force Base official removed for undermining sexual harassment claims 12/24/20202020
Office of Special Counsel pushing through thousands of whistleblower complaints12/18/20202020
Special Counsel Alerts White House and Congress of ‘Significant Financial Mismanagement’ at VA12/16/20202020
Feds in Job Limbo Look to Biden to Unlock Cases Frozen for Years12/3/20202020
Feds: Police training drills at Butler VA threatened safety of veterans, employees. 10/13/20202020
What federal employees volunteering on election campaigns need to know about the Hatch Act9/17/20202020
OSC Argues for Broad Reading of Whistleblower Protections 8/18/20202020
Court Dismisses Union’s Lawsuit Over Federal Employees’ Right to Talk ‘Impeachment’ and 'Resistance' 8/5/20202020
Hatch Act Leads to 120-Day Suspension 7/22/20202020
- TSA head orders new virus safety measures after meeting whistleblower 7/8/20202020
On Hatch Act, Wide Range of Barred Behaviors and Resulting Penalties 6/29/20202020
Software glitch led to $92 mln in uncollected OSHA fines - Office of Special Counsel 6/5/20202020
Agents Attacked5/10/20202020
What Feds Teleworking During the Pandemic Need to Know About Complying With the Hatch Act 5/1/20202020
Maximum Penalty Imposed on VA Physician Charged with 15 Hatch Act Violations4/30/20202020
Special Counsel Henry J. Kerner op-ed: The Hatch Act, a modern classic2/10/20202020
Fired whistleblower gets his job back2/5/20202020
OSC Warns Against Narrow Reading of Whistleblower Protections2/4/20202020
FAA Lowered Bar for Southwest Airlines Approvals, Complaint Alleges1/22/20202020
Energy Dept. Hatch Act Violator Agrees to Resign and Leave Government for at Least 3 Years1/16/20202020
Another Guardsman prevented from returning to work at the US Postal Service1/15/20202020
Slow VA Payments Left Veterans Facing Collection Agencies12/13/20192019
FAA Removes Air-Traffic Manager After Whistle-Blower Complaint11/21/20192019
Federal Watchdog Confirms FAA Facility’s Air Traffic Hazards11/20/20192019
Special Counsel: Fed Gave Unauthorized Tour to Political Candidate11/20/20192019
DOJ to collect migrant DNA again, after watchdog noted 'disturbing' noncompliance for nearly a decade10/21/20192019
DNA from arrested migrants will go into criminal database under proposed rule10/21/20192019
Trump administration moves to collect DNA from detained migrants10/3/20192019
FAA inspectors who worked on Boeing 737 Max training were unqualified, U.S. Office of Special Counsel says 9/24/20192019
FAA misled Congress on inspector training for Boeing 737 Max, investigators say9/23/20192019
Whistleblower Exposed $1.34 Million in Army Losses9/19/20192019
Immigration judge violated Hatch Act with pro-Hillary Clinton comments, fined $1K, barred from federal service for 30 months 9/17/20192019
Watchdog alerts Trump that border agency violated DNA collection law for years, letting violent criminals walk free8/21/20192019
Exclusive: VA whistleblower-protection worker asks for protection8/16/20192019
Complying with the Hatch Act Isn’t That Difficult8/15/20192019
Understanding the Hatch Act8/1/20192019
CBP rebuked by watchdog, whistleblowers for 'failure' to collect DNA from migrant detainees7/22/20192019
Poll Reveals Contrasting Perceptions of Hatch Act Enforcement7/16/20192019
Special Counsel Defends Career Staff as Panel Subpoenas Trump Counselor Over Hatch Act Violations6/26/20192019
Hatch Act isn’t just about campaign buttons6/14/20192019
Does VA have a secret wait list for health care? Key members of Congress want to know.6/5/20192019
Ex-White House Official Says No One Pressured Him to Overturn Security Clearance Recommendations5/2/20192019
War on Terror Vet Wins Back Postal Service Job After 14 Years4/29/20192019
Veteran loses part of leg after home-care scheduling mix-up at Indianapolis VA hospital4/10/20192019
VA Failed to Provide Follow-Up Care for Colonoscopy Patients, Watchdog Says3/29/20192019
Special Counsel recounts year of Hatch Act violations, no MSPB and more3/14/20192019
U.S. Marshals Complain That System Unfairly Denies Them a Promotion2/12/20192019
Orlando VA's long waits for colonoscopies potentially endangered vets' health, investigation finds2/7/20192019
Oozing with blood’ – Congress to hold hearing on San Diego VA human research2/1/20192019
Asbestos Hazard1/29/20192019
Federal Investigators: Mapping Apps Are Endangering U.S. Troops12/20/20182018
He fought the TSA and lost. Now whistleblowers fear a ‘disgusting place’ will get even worse12/8/20182018
Whistleblower who says he was forced to retire as VA surgeon is temporarily reinstated12/4/20182018
Six White House officials reprimanded for violating the Hatch Act11/30/20182018
Dangerous human research alleged at San Diego VA; Rep. Peters vows action11/19/20182018
Feds find 'blatant disregard' for veteran safety at VA nursing home among the nation's worst11/14/20182018
Sleeping staff, disregard for safety found at Brockton VA nursing home11/14/20182018
Marshals Service Misused Leave Policies During Probe of Top Official10/22/20182018
Federal Prison In California Faces Multiple Investigations Over Dangerous Conditions10/5/20182018
‘I knew something was not right’: Mass cancellations of diagnostic test orders at VA hospitals draw scrutiny10/1/20182018
The VA report is in – again – and veterans and doctors don’t buy it9/29/20182018
TSA Abused Reassignments to Target Whistleblowers, House Panel Finds9/26/20182018
TSA Whistleblowers Named Public Servants of the Year9/20/20182018
Federal Watchdogs Target Bullying, Retaliation at State Department9/7/20182018
Expert: Military employment law violations often take place at the federal level9/5/20182018
US officials take action to protect Alaska whistleblower8/28/20182018
ICE employee continued posting pro-Clinton messages despite warnings, Office of Special Counsel says8/9/20182018
Judge Removes Postal Employee Who Violated Hatch Act By Running for Partisan Office8/2/20182018
VA whistleblowers disciplined 10 times more than peers; managers investigate themselves7/20/20182018
VA employee advocates, lawmakers contend new law targets low-level workers and whistleblowers7/17/20182018
Was Trump right? Immigration judge accused of anti-GOP behavior6/27/20182018
For VA Whistleblowers, A Culture Of Fear And Retaliation6/20/20182018
Federal Employees Last Year Broke Record for Proving Retaliation By Managers6/13/20182018
Gag orders at federal agencies are violating whistleblower laws6/8/20182018
Special counsel investigation leads to change in VA policy about suicidal vets12/14/20172017
For third time, OSC says burdens on whistleblowers are too high​​8/5/20162016
Agency Leaders Praise Whistleblowers, Express Need for Reforms8/4/20162016
Special Counsel Argues Against VA’s Bid for More Proof from Whistleblowers8/4/20162016
OSC Cites Record Levels of Whistleblower Relief8/4/20162016
In celebration of whistleblowers, oversight community says ‘We’re listening’​8/1/20162016
Texplainer: Julián Castro’s Hatch Act Violation7/21/20162016
Hatch Act — too complicated for a Cabinet secretary? Not really7/20/20162016
Why is potential Clinton running mate Julian Castro in trouble for praising Hillary Clinton?7/18/20162016
Special Counsel: Housing Secretary Julián Castro Broke Law on Partisan Political Activities​7/18/20162016
Ethics agency says HUD chief Castro violated Hatch Act7/18/20162016
OSC whistleblower cases hit record highs in 2015​7/12/20162016
White House Prohibits Cabinet From Addressing Democratic Convention7/3/20162016
Blum-sponsored whistleblower bill passes House6/27/20162016
OSC whistleblower bill passes House6/22/20162016
House seeks to give government watchdogs more bite6/21/20162016
U.S. Office of Special Counsel Releases Gender Transition Policy6/16/20162016
What It's Like Being a Woman in the Male-Dominated World of Wildland Firefighting6/8/20162016
Bosses in hot water after sacking government worker forced to sandbag house6/7/20162016
Huge bonuses and forced transfers were downfall of top TSA official Kelly Hoggan5/26/20162016
Congress’s List of Gripes With T.S.A. Is Long, Like an Airport Security Line5/12/20162016
Dozens Punished by T.S.A. for Whistle-Blowing Are Later Exonerated​4/8/20162016
VA wait-times still manipulated, whistleblowers say3/10/20162016
What happens when a whistleblower returns to work after a decade's fight3/3/20162016
House panel moves to limit 'administrative leave' for federal employees3/1/20162016
TSA Lapses, Retaliation and Bonuses Are Investigated by House Panel2/23/20162016
US Inquiry Finds Agency Chief Violated Rules11/24/20152015
No tweeting what you actually think about Clinton or Carson if you're on the clock: new rules for feds11/13/20152015
Army settles with infection control staffer who exposed hospital's dangers to patient care10/28/20152015
VA culture of reprisals against whistleblowers remains strong after scandal9/22/20152015
Small government agency defends paying lobbyist six-figure salary9/17/20152015
After Lapses, TSA Will Target Screening in Overhaul7/28/20152015
Farmers vs. fish: Water war heats up with probe into who got millions of dollars7/8/20152015
The 'candy bowl' is dry. Find out what's happened to border patrol's overtime​6/17/20152015
VA hospital used cheaper anti-psychotic drugs to save money, probe finds4/22/20152015
Think before you post: Here's the new federal-workforce guidance on social media4/16/20152015
House members angry over VA's response to whistleblowers4/14/20152015
Isolated. Harassed. Their personal lives investigated. That's life as a VA whistleblower, employees tell Congress4/14/20152015
Agency Says VA Whistleblower Cases Have Surged4/9/20152015
Ruling: Army owes damages to transgender employee for bathroom dispute4/8/20152015
Five Bonneville Power officials lost their positions over veteran-hiring scandal4/3/20152015
Bureau of Prisons manager tried moving whistleblowers office to old jail cell4/1/20152015
Alabama's VA whistleblowers say they're being punished3/19/20152015
Watchdog: TSA gave expedited screening to convicted felon3/19/20152015
At VA health facilities, whistleblowers still fear retaliation3/5/20152015
Whistle-blowers: VA still endangering suicidal vets2/13/20152015
Supreme court sides with former TSA air marshal1/21/20152015

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