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OSC Statement on Public Service Recognition Week

“We at OSC honor the outstanding public servants whose work is making life better for all Americans,” said Special Counsel Henry J. Kerner.

​Each year, the President and Congress designate the first full week of May as Public Service Recognition Week, and activities are held nationwide in celebration of public employees who put service above self.

OSC's vital mission includes protecting whistleblowers and federal employment rights, improving worker safety, upholding merit system principles, and keeping federal workspaces free from partisan politics. Over the last two fiscal years, OSC has resolved more cases than were filed, eliminating roughly 800 cases from its backlog. Last year, OSC also resolved 280 Hatch Act cases, more than double the level from just five years prior.

“We at OSC honor the outstanding public servants whose work is making life better for all Americans," said Special Counsel Henry J. Kerner. “I especially want to recognize OSC's employees for their outstanding performance and commitment to customer service over this difficult past year. OSC has continued to excel in its mission, setting agency records for the number of favorable actions achieved on behalf of whistleblowers."

FY 2020 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS):

According to the 2020 FEVS report, released by the Office of Personnel Management, last year OSC had the highest employee engagement and second highest employee satisfaction scores of small agencies with at least 100 employees. Employee satisfaction reflects a weighted average of responses to several questions intended to gauge federal workers' overall happiness. According to the survey, employee engagement at OSC increased significantly, with an overall improvement from 79% in 2019 to 87% for 2020. 

“OSC saw a marked improvement in its FEVS score last year, outperforming the federal government in nearly every recorded category," Special Counsel Kerner added.  “Not only has OSC increased its efficiency reaching more favorable outcomes for stakeholders, but its employees now report higher job satisfaction. I am extremely proud and humbled to lead an agency of dedicated public servants who care so deeply about the work they do."

The full 2020 FEVS report can be found here.