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Is a Hatch Act investigation an administrative or criminal matter?
Can I wear a face mask or other personal protective equipment (PPE) to work if the PPE has a partisan political image or slogan?
May I serve as a presidential elector?
What is a partisan political group?
Are organizations that are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code (501(c)(4) organizations) partisan political groups?
A Hatch Act complaint has been filed against me, can I find out who filed it?
Can I display a picture of a candidate for partisan political office in my workspace?
Can I wear a partisan political button or T-shirt while I am at work or display such items in my office?
Can I have a screen saver on my computer or a picture in my office with a political message (e.g., a campaign sign, campaign logo, etc.)?
If I have a bumper sticker on my personal car, am I allowed to park the car in a government lot or garage, or in a private lot/garage if the government subsidizes my parking fees?
Will I violate the Hatch Act if I listen to radio programs discussing partisan politics or candidates for partisan political office, or read a book about politics or political candidates while I am in the federal workplace?
Is it a Hatch Act violation for a federal agency to have televisions in the federal workplace that are tuned to stations such as Fox News or MSNBC?
If the sitting President is a candidate for reelection, may federal employees display his or her picture in their offices?
Can a federal employee display in his office a photograph of his spouse or child even if the spouse or child is a candidate in an election for partisan political office?
What is a partisan political e-mail?