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File a Complaint

OSC's new Online Filing Portal will be live: February 27, 2023 ​

OSC is implementing a new Online Filing Portal to make the process of filing with our office easier and more secure.  The Online Filing Portal will replace the PDF Form that OSC currently uses for case submission​​.

 Users will be able to complete and electronically submit OSC Form 14 for up to 30 days after the Online Filing Portal is launched.  After that time, the Online Filing Portal will be the primary method for submitting complaints, though users can still download and email OSC Form 14 to our office.​

​OSC generally does not handle allegations of discrimination or EEO retaliation to avoid duplication of procedures established in the agency you are filing about and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. However, OSC does consider allegations of discrimination based on marital status and political affiliation because they are not covered by EEO processes. More information about OSC's process for evaluating discrimination claims can be found HERE. Information about filing an EEO complaint is available on the EEOC website​.​

At this time, OSC is unable to pro​cess​ paper filings. Plea​se file electronically.​ If you receive an error when trying to submit your complaint, please email the form to info@osc.gov.​​

OSC requires that you use OSC Form-14 in order to submit a complaint alleging a prohibited personnel practice or other prohibited activity within OSC's jurisdiction. OSC encourages, but does not require, you to use this form to submit a complaint alleging a Hatch Act violation or to submit a disclosure of information alleging agency wrongdoing.  To file a USERRA complaint about discrimination or reemployment as a member  of the uniformed services, please visit the Department of Labor to complete a USERRA complaint form.

OSC Form - 14 ​​- Please see "Useful Tips​" on the right side of this page if you experience difficulty opening this file.

Please note: tablets, smartphones, and government issued computers may experience difficulty.

How to use OSC Form-14

  1. Click the link above to access OSC Form-14.  Depending on your browser this will open or download the file.  Please be sure to use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete your form.

  2. You will start by selecting a checkbox based on your complaint or disclosure and select Next.
    (You may select more than one box.)

  3. Depending on your selections, you will be asked to fill in information. 
    (Fields marked with a * are required. OSC cannot process incomplete forms lacking necessary information.  Large fields have a word limit.  The form will stop entering text in the field after your have reached this limit.  You may save the file to your computer and return to it at any time.)

  4. After providing details of your complaint or disclosure select save to ensure you retain a copy for your records.  Once you are ready to file, please click the Submit button once.  Selecting this button more than once will submit multiple complaints, delaying the review of your complaint.

​Useful Tips

As all computers are set up differently you may experience opening Form-14 in different ways.

  • See: how to set Adobe Reader DC or Acrobat DC as the Default PDF Program ​or download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • If you receive a “Please wait…” message, please right click on the Form-14 link and select “Save Link As” or “Save Target As”.  From your downloads select the downloaded Form 14 PDF to open in Adobe.
  • If you have trouble in one Internet browser, try another.
  • If you are using a government computer, you must follow the computer rules of your agency. If you have difficulty submitting from your agency, please try to submit from a personal computer.​​