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​​Pr​ohibited personnel practices (PPPs) are employment-related activities that are banned in the federal workf​​orce because they violate the merit system through some form of retaliation, improper hiring practices, or failure to adhere to laws, rules, or regulations that directly concern the merit system principles. The Office of Special Counsel (OSC) is authorized to investigate and prosecute claims that a PPP occurred in the federal workplace.  Click HERE for more information on PPPs. 

​OSC generally does not handle allegations of discrimination or EEO retaliation to avoid duplication of procedures established in the agency you are filing about and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. However, OSC does consider allegations of discrimination based on marital status and political affiliation because they are not covered by EEO processes. More information about OSC's process for evaluating discrimination claims can b​​​e found HERE. Information about filing an EEO complaint is available on the EEOC website.​

OSC is also safe channel for disclosures of wrongdoing from current federal employees, former federal employees, and applicants for federal employment within the executive branch of the federal government. Click HERE for more information on making a disclosure to OSC.

Violations of the Hatch Act can also be filed with OSC. The Hatch Act limits certain political activities of federal employees, as well as some state, D.C., and local government employees who work in connection with fed​erally funded programs. Click HERE for more information on the Hatch Act.


To file a USERRA complaint about discrimination or reemployment as a member of the uniformed services, please visit the Department of Labor to complete a USERRA complaint form.​

At this time, OSC is unable to pro​cess​ paper filings. Plea​se file electronically.​ If you receive an error when trying to submit your complaint, please email the form to info@osc.gov.

For more efficient processing, we encourage you to use the Online Filing Portal above. However, if you do not wish to use the Online Filing Portal, you can download OSC Form​​​ 14, then email it to info@osc.gov for processing.  Please click HERE to access the form and for additional information.​​​​​