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2302(c) Certified Agencies

​The following agencies have completed the 2302(c) Certification Program:
Administrative Conference of the United StatesShawne C. McGibbon202-480-208805 - May201605 - May2020
Agency for International Development, Office of Inspector GeneralJerry Lawson202-712-057204 - April201704 - April2020
American Battle Monuments CommissionThomas Clark703-696-796902 - February201702 - February2020
AmeriCorps, Office of Inspector GeneralStephen Ravas202-606-936506 - June202206 - June2025
Appalachian Regional Commission, Office of Inspector GeneralHubert Sparks202-884-767802 - February201702 - February2020
Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education FoundationJohn Mateja703-756-601210 - October201610 - October2019
Bureau of Consumer Financial ProtectionSonya A. White202-435-966303 - March202103 - March2024
Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage AbroadBarbi Broadus202-460-084001 - January201801 - January2021
Commission of Fine ArtsFrederick J. Lindstrom202-504-220003 - March201703 - March2020
Commodity Futures Trading CommissionKerriLaine Prunella202-923-882201 - January202101 - January2024
Consumer Product Safety CommissionDonna Simpson240-638-695911 - November202011 - November2023
Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and EfficiencyAtticus Reaser202-292-260203 - March201603 - March2019
Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the District of ColumbiaKwadwo Yeboah-Kanam202-220-535210 - October201610 - October2019
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety BoardJames Biggins202-694-701403 - March202203 - March2025
Denali Commission, Office of Inspector GeneralDavid Sheppard206-220-797009 - September201609 - September2019
Department of AgricultureBrenda Lucas202-692-027511 - November201811 - November2021
Department of Agriculture, Office of Inspector GeneralWendy Gonzales816-926-763512 - December201912 - December2022
Department of Commerce, Office of Inspector GeneralCecelia Wilson202-482-109908 - August202108 - August2024
Department of Defense, Defense Commissary AgencyCynthia Craft804-734-800009 - September202009 - September2023
Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic, Office of Inspector GeneralMichelle Traynor843-218-567503 - March201903 - March2022
Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, Strategic Systems ProgramsTanesha Copening202-433-782412 - December202012 - December2023
Department of Defense, Office of Inspector GeneralGil Lang II703-604-895608 - August201908 - August2022
Department of EducationCassandra Cuffee-Graves202-453-558809 - September201709 - September2020
Department of Education, Office of Inspector GeneralKori Smith202-748-433904 - April202104 - April2024
Department of Health & Human ServicesSonji Lee301-525-336807 - July201907 - July2022
Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Inspector GeneralEyana Esters202-578-618708 - August202108 - August2024
Department of Homeland SecurityJames Gaughran202-254-409209 - September201609 - September2019
Department of Homeland Security, Office of Inspector GeneralCynthia Lie202-321-200512 - December202012 - December2023
Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentMatisha Montgomery202-402.436902 - February202002 - February2023
Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Inspector GeneralShawn Johnson202-402-143109 - September202009 - September2023
Department of JusticeLynn Sutton202-514-435010 - October202010 - October2023
Department of Justice, Office of Inspector GeneralAlyssa Molina202-616-450808 - August201908 - August2022
Department of LaborBraye Cloud202-693-405012 - December201912 - December2022
Department of Labor, Office of Inspector GeneralAlisa H. Reff202-693-524706 - June202006 - June2023
Department of State, Office of Inspector GeneralJeffrey McDermott571-349-926706 - June202006 - June2023
Department of the Interior, Office of Inspector GeneralJennifer French202-208-524002 - February202002 - February2023
Department of the TreasuryTodd Floersheim202-738-212112 - December202012 - December2023
Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration Quentin Barrett202-267-368905 - May201805 - May2021
Department of Transportation, Office of the SecretaryHeather Albert202-366-944401 - January202101 - January2024
Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration--02 - February201602 - February2019
Department of Transportation, Volpe National Transportation Systems CenterTammi Saylor617-494-207112 - December202112 - December2024
Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector GeneralAllyson Pokres202-461-467308 - August201908 - August2022
Environmental Protection AgencyMatthew Bell202-564-253301 - January201801 - January2021
Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Inspector GeneralLori Ruk202-566-128704 - April202004 - April2023
Equal Employment Opportunity CommissionMelly Ruiz202-663-434209 - September202009 - September2023
Executive Office of the President, Council on Environmental QualityHoward Sun202-456-362103 - March201803 - March2021
Executive Office of the President, Office of National Drug Control PolicyMichael Passante202-395-670909 - September201709 - September2020
Executive Office of the President, Office of Science and Technology PolicyRobert Bernstein202-456-444406 - June201806 - June2021
Export-Import Bank of the United StatesAndrea Bernardo202-565-343103 - March201703 - March2020
Export-Import Bank of the United States, Office of Inspector GeneralJennifer Fain-04 - April202004 - April2023
Farm Credit AdministrationJerome Fowlkes703-883-406912 - December201912 - December2022
Farm Credit Administration, Office of Inspector GeneralCassandra Matos703-883-403012 - December201912 - December2022
Farm Credit System Insurance CorporationLynn Powalski703-883-439207 - July201907 - July2022
Federal Communications CommissionTom Green202-418-010011 - November201611 - November2019
Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationWilliam White, Jr.703-562-212401 - January202101 - January2024
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Office of Inspector GeneralCynthia Hogue703-562-634406 - June202006 - June2023
Federal Election Commission, Office of Inspector GeneralHina Hussein202-694-135709 - September202009 - September2023
Federal Housing Finance AgencyJanice Kullman202-649-307712 - December202012 - December2023
Federal Housing Finance Agency, Office of Inspector GeneralStacy Nahrwold202-730-039001 - January202101 - January2024
Federal Labor Relations AuthorityAloysius Hogan202-218-792703 - March201603 - March2019
Federal Labor Relations Authority, Office of Inspector GeneralDana Rooney202-218-774404 - April202204 - April2025
Federal Maritime CommissionKaren V. Gregory202-523-580010 - October201810 - October2021
Federal Maritime Commission, Office of Inspector GeneralJon Hatfield202-523-586305 - May201605 - May2019
Federal Mediation and Conciliation ServiceAlisa Zimmerman202-606-548803 - March202203 - March2025
Federal Mine Safety and Health Review CommissionTanya Whisnant202-434-997301 - January202001 - January2023
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment BoardApril Lane202-864-868405 - May202105 - May2024
General Services AdministrationWade Hannum202-501-012802 - February201702 - February2020
General Services Administration, Office of the Inspector GeneralKathleen Kohl202-273-727408 - August202008 - August2023
Government Publishing Office, Office of Inspector GeneralCynthia Lie202-512-031206 - June202206 - June2025
https://www.doioig.gov/Justin Martell202-408-435802 - February202002 - February2023
Institute Museum and Library ServicesNancy E. Weiss202-653-464001 - January202001 - January2023
Inter-American FoundationNicole Stinson202-683-711712 - December202012 - December2023
International Boundary and Water Commission: United States and MexicoMatthew A. Myers, Sr.915-832-477808 - August201908 - August2022
James Madison Memorial Fellowship FoundationElizabeth G. Ray571-858-420401 - January201701 - January2020
Marine Mammal CommissionCatherine Shrestha301-504-008707 - July201607 - July2019
Merit Systems Protection BoardTristan Leavitt202-653-717110 - October201810 - October2021
Millennium Challenge CorporationTamiko Watkins202-521-373003 - March202103 - March2024
National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationColleen Wilson202-358-050704 - April202104 - April2024
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Office of Inspector GeneralFrancis P. LaRocca, Jr.202-358-257509 - September201909 - September2022
National Capital Planning CommissionDeborah B. Young202-482-722810 - October201610 - October2019
National Council on DisabilityClyde Terry202-272-200410 - October201710 - October2020
National Credit Union AdministrationKevin Tuininga and Joe Hannah703-518-6543 and 703-548-243001 - January202001 - January2023
National Credit Union Administration, Office of Inspector GeneralMarta E. Erceg-12 - December201912 - December2022
National Endowment for the ArtsSarah Weingast & Deborah Washington202-682-579610 - October201810 - October2021
National Endowment for the Arts, Office of Inspector GeneralDarrell Fletcher202-682-506208 - August201608 - August2019
National Endowment for the HumanitiesLisette Voyatzis202-606-832203 - March202103 - March2024
National Labor Board RelationsMarie Azan-Reyes202-273-175501 - January202001 - January2023
National Mediation BoardMary-Kate Dowling202-365-671212 - December202012 - December2023
National Science FoundationDr. Doug Deis703-292-219508 - August201608 - August2019
National Science Foundation, Office of the Inspector GeneralHarrison Ford703-292-710004 - April202204 - April2025
National Transportation Safety BoardKathleen Silbaugh202-314-601606 - June202006 - June2023
Naval Research LaboratoryBethany Gibson202-767-147105 - May201605 - May2019
Nuclear Waste Technical Review BoardNigel Mote703-235-449010 - October201610 - October2019
Occupational Safety and Health Review CommissionDebra Hall202-606-539703 - March201903 - March2022
Office of Government EthicsYvette Banker202-482-920306 - June201806 - June2021
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian RelocationTeresa Slater928-779-272105 - May201607 - July2019
Office of Personnel ManagementJoy Fisher202-936-260103 - March202203 - March2025
Office of Personnel Management, Office of Inspector GeneralRobin RIchardson202-606-203712 - December202012 - December2023
Peace CorpsDiane Bradley202-938-712901 - January202201 - January2025
Pension Benefit Guaranty CorporationAlisa Silverman202-326-4400, ext. 376902 - February202002 - February2023
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