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2302(c) Certified Agencies

Please see the complete list of 2302(c) Certified agencies below.  Agencies have six (6) months to complete the recertification process before being removed from the certification list.  An asterisk (*) next to the agency name means that the agency has initiated the recertification process by registering for the 2302(c) Certification Program. 
Access Board*Sherrice Macklin202-272-000405 - May201705 - May2020
Administrative Conference of the United StatesShawne C. McGibbon202-480-208802 - February202402 - February2027
African Development FoundationJune B. Brown202-233-888202 - February202002 - February2023
AmeriCorps (Corporation for National and Community Service)Blake Feltrow(202) 606-324901 - January202301 - January2026
AmeriCorps, Office of Inspector GeneralStephen Ravas202-606-936506 - June202206 - June2025
Appalachian Regional Commission, Office of Inspector General*Hubert Sparks202-884-767802 - February201702 - February2020
Commission of Fine Arts*Frederick J. Lindstrom202-504-220003 - March201703 - March2020
Commodity Futures Trading CommissionKerriLaine Prunella202-923-882201 - January202101 - January2024
Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Office of Inspector GeneralJudith Ringle(202) 418-510901 - January202101 - January2024
Consumer Financial Protection BureauSonya White202-435-966303 - March202103 - March2024
Consumer Product Safety Commission and Office of Inspector General Donna Simpson240-638-695901 - January202301 - January2026
Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency*Atticus Reaser202-292-260203 - March201603 - March2019
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety BoardJames Biggins202-694-701403 - March202203 - March2025
Department of Agriculture, Office of Inspector GeneralWendy Gonzales816-926-763507 - July202207 - July2025
Department of Commerce, Office of Inspector GeneralCecelia Wilson202-482-109908 - August202108 - August2024
Department of Defense, Defense Commissary AgencyCraig Smith804-734-8000 ext. 4850812 - December202312 - December2026
Department of Defense, Defense Counterintelligence and Security AgencyPhillip Kroop301-833-176302 - February202302 - February2025
Department of Defense, Defense Technical Information CenterTerence Baugh -10 - October202210 - October2025
Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, Strategic Systems ProgramsTanesha Copening202-433-782412 - December202012 - December2023
Department of Defense, Office of Inspector GeneralLisa Wilson703-699-607504 - April202304 - April2026
Department of EducationSamantha Cutler 202-763-606708 - August202308 - August2026
Department of Education, Office of Inspector GeneralKori Smith202-748-433904 - April202104 - April2024
Department of Health & Human ServicesSonji Lee301-525-336802 - February202302 - February2026
Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Inspector GeneralEyana Esters202-578-618708 - August202108 - August2024
Department of Homeland Security, Office of Inspector GeneralSherri Borman(202) 836-242212 - December202212 - December2025
Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentMatisha Montgomery202-402.436902 - February202002 - February2023
Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Inspector GeneralDon Berthiaume202-878-091507 - July202307 - July2026
Department of Interior, Office of Inspector GeneralTraci Taylor(771) 200-606709 - September202309 - September2026
Department of JusticeLynn Sutton202-514-435010 - October202010 - October2023
Department of LaborCarrie Thomas, Jesica Costa(202) 691-7149, (202) 693-752602 - February202302 - February2026
Department of Labor, Office of Inspector GeneralAlisa H. Reff202-693-524707 - July202307 - July2026
Department of State, Office of Inspector GeneralJeffrey McDermott571-349-926710 - October202310 - October2026
Department of the Treasury and Office of Inspector GeneralAshley Sutton771-216-124212 - December202312 - December2026
Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration*Quentin Barrett202-267-368905 - May201805 - May2021
Department of Transportation, Office of the SecretaryHeather Albert202-366-944401 - January202101 - January2024
Department of Transportation, Volpe National Transportation Systems CenterTammi Saylor617-494-207112 - December202112 - December2024
Department of Veterans Affairs Toni Zavana202-341-802301 - January202301 - January2026
Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector GeneralTiffany Jones(202) 632-669907 - July202207 - July2025
Election Assistance CommissionJoshua Shoemaker202-868-019406 - June202306 - June2026
Environmental Protection AgencyMatthew Bell202-564-253301 - January201801 - January2021
Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Inspector GeneralLori Ruk202-809-492010 - October202310 - October2026
Equal Employment Opportunity CommissionMelly Ruiz202-663-434209 - September202009 - September2023
Executive Office of the President, Council on Environmental Quality*Howard Sun202-456-362103 - March201803 - March2021
Export-Import Bank of the United States, Office of Inspector GeneralJoshua Epstein(202) 281-792503 - March202303 - March2026
Farm Credit AdministrationCorey Adams(703) 798-2403 03 - March202303 - March2026
Farm Credit System Insurance CorporationLynn Powalski703-883-439207 - July202207 - July2025
Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationWilliam White, Jr.703-562-212401 - January202101 - January2024
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Office of Inspector GeneralCynthia Hogue703-562-634406 - June202006 - June2023
Federal Election Commission, Office of Inspector GeneralHina Hussein202-694-135709 - September202009 - September2023
Federal Housing Finance AgencyJanice Kullman202-573-084501 - January202401 - January2027
Federal Housing Finance Agency, Office of Inspector GeneralAlison Healey202-730-405012 - December202312 - December2026
Federal Labor Relations Authority*Aloysius Hogan202-218-792703 - March201603 - March2019
Federal Labor Relations Authority, Office of Inspector GeneralDana Rooney202-218-774404 - April202204 - April2025
Federal Maritime CommissionLucille Marvin202-523-580002 - February202302 - February2026
Federal Maritime Commission, Office of Inspector GeneralJon Hatfield202-523-586302 - February202302 - February2026
Federal Mediation and Conciliation ServiceAlisa Zimmerman202-606-548803 - March202203 - March2025
Federal Mine Safety and Health Review CommissionTanya Whisnant202-434-997301 - January202001 - January2023
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment BoardApril Lane202-864-868405 - May202105 - May2024
General Services Administration, Office of the Inspector GeneralKathleen Kohl202-273-727410 - October202310 - October2026
Government Publishing Office, Office of Inspector GeneralCynthia Lie202-512-031206 - June202206 - June2025
Institute of Museum and Library ServicesNancy E. Weiss202-653-464001 - January202001 - January2023
Inter-American FoundationNicole Stinson202-683-711712 - December202012 - December2023
International Development Finance CorporationPatrick Browne202-735-618811 - November202311 - November2026
International Trade Commission Charles Smith(202) 205-340806 - June202106 - June2024
International Trade Commission, Office of Inspector GeneralCharles F. Smith202-205-340806 - June202106 - June2024
James Madison Memorial Fellowship FoundationClaire Iglesias(571) 858-420207 - July202207 - July2025
Marine Mammal Commission*Catherine Shrestha301-504-008707 - July201607 - July2019
Merit Systems Protection BoardLance Seibenhener202-254-449312 - December202212 - December2025
Millennium Challenge CorporationTamiko Watkins202-521-373001 - January202401 - January2027
National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationColleen Wilson202-358-050704 - April202104 - April2024
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Office of Inspector GeneralSashka Mannion(202) 358-480908 - August202208 - August2025
National Council on Disability*Clyde Terry202-272-200410 - October201710 - October2020
National Credit Union AdministrationKevin Tuininga and Joe Hannah703-518-6543 and 703-548-243002 - February202302 - February2026
National Credit Union Administration, Office of Inspector GeneralMarta E. Erceg-12 - December201912 - December2022
National Endowment for the Arts*Sarah Weingast & Deborah Washington202-682-579610 - October201810 - October2021
National Endowment for the HumanitiesLisette Voyatzis202-606-832203 - March202103 - March2024
National Labor Relations Board Marie Azan-Reyes202-273-175511 - November202311 - November2026
National Mediation BoardMary-Kate Dowling202-365-671212 - December202012 - December2023
National Science Foundation, Office of the Inspector GeneralHarrison Ford703-292-710004 - April202204 - April2025
National Transportation Safety BoardKathleen Silbaugh202-314-601606 - June202006 - June2023
Naval Research Laboratory*Bethany Gibson202-767-147105 - May201605 - May2019
Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission*Debra Hall202-606-539703 - March201903 - March2022
Office of Government EthicsDale Chrisopher, Jr.(202) 482-922408 - August202208 - August2025
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation*Teresa Slater928-779-272112 - December202312 - December2026
Office of Personnel ManagementJoy Fisher202-936-260103 - March202203 - March2025
Office of Personnel Management, Office of Inspector GeneralJennifer French202-322-146012 - December202312 - December2026
Patent and Trademark Office Stacy Long(571) 272-415310 - October202110 - October2024
Peace CorpsDiane Bradley202-938-712901 - January202201 - January2025
Pension Benefit Guaranty CorporationJaime Kunce(202) 230-004402 - February202302 - February2026
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, Office of Inspector GeneralRonald C. Engler202-326-4000, ext. 374406 - June202006 - June2023
Railroad Retirement BoardPamela Tate312-751-494312 - December201912 - December2022
Railroad Retirement Board, Office of Inspector General*Patricia Marshall312-751-339010 - October201710 - October2020
Securities and Exchange CommissionMelanie Grant Jones202-551-602803 - March202003 - March2023
Securities and Exchange Commission, Office of Inspector GeneralLori Wagner202-551-280405 - May202305 - May2026
Selective Service System websiteLee Levells703-605-4011 08 - August202308 - August2026
Small Business Administration Office of Inspector GeneralPatricia Cullum202-205-699908 - August202308 - August2026
Social Security AdministrationClaudia Postell410-966-363507 - July202007 - July2023
Social Security Administration, Office of Inspector GeneralMichelle Murray443-900-218410 - October202310 - October2026
Special Inspector General for Afghanistan ReconstructionThomas Iskrzak(703) 798-9544 03 - March202303 - March2026
Tennessee Valley AuthorityJan Brown865-632-744803 - March202103 - March2024
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