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Hatch Act Advisory Opinions

​Federal Advisory Opinions


 On Duty/In Workplace



The Hatch Act and Federal Employees' Discussions About the Conflict Between Israel and Hamas
Hatch Act Advisory Opinion Regarding the Use of Presidential Campaign Slogans
The Hatch Act implications of President Biden announcing his reelection campaign
Hatch Act Advice on Workplace Discussions
Hatch Act Advice Now that Former President Trump is a Presidential Candidate
The Hatch Act and Activities after Election Day
Agency Hosting Lecture on Politically-Charged Topics
Hatch Act Advisory for Teleworking Employees
HA Advisory Opinion-Displaying Photographs of the President During a Reelection Campaign
Advocating Resistance and Impeachment at Work
Candidate Visits to Federal Agencies
Social Media Guidance
Further Restricted Employee Supporting Spouse Who is a Candidate
Partisan Items at Work after 2016 Election
Mixed Travel by Presidential Appointees with Senate Confirmation (PAS)
Political Briefings in the Workplace
Canvassing Residents and Other Political Activities in Government Housing
Miscellaneous (e.g., Bumper Stickers, Candidate Photographs, Agency News Clips, etc.)
Contacting Members of Congress Concerning Legislation or Workplace Issues
Circulating Petitions for Ballot Initiatives
Posting Candidates' Positions on Issues in the Workplace
Nonpartisan Voter Registration Drives in the Workplace
Union Conducting Voter Registration Drives after It Has Endorsed a Candidate
Voter Registration Drives in the Workplace
Wearing Anti-war or Nonpartisan Buttons in the Workplace
PAS Employees and Reimbursement of de minimis Political Expenses
Displaying Political Signs in Federal Housing
Making PAC Contributions through Salary Allotments
Updated June 2020
Current Guidance on President Trump's Reelection Status
Example of Email that Constitutes Political Activity
Assisting a Spouse’s Campaign
Social Media and Email FAQs

 Senate-Confirmed Appointees

 Partisan Political Groups


​State/Local Advisory Opinions

 Accordion Control

 State & Local - Nonpartisan Activity


 State & Local - Fundraising