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How to File a Disclosure Claim

​Eligible federal employees may report wrongdoing online using OSC Form 14​​​​ by clicking the green File a Complaint button in the top right-hand corner, via fax number (202) 804-7004, or (800) 572-2249, or by mail to:

Office of Special Counsel
1730 M Street NW
Suite 218
Washington, DC 20036

Filers may, in addition, use any written format to submit a disclosure to OSC, but the submission should include:

  • The name, mailing address, telephone numbers(s) and e-mail of the person(s) making the disclosure, and a time when OSC can contact that person about his or her disclosure;
  • The department or agency, location and organizational unit complained of;
  • A brief description of the allegations; and
  • A statement as to whether the filer consents to disclosure of his or her identity by OSC to the agency involved, in connection with any OSC referral to that agency.

Disclosures are handled separately and differently than complaints involving personnel decisions, such as whistleblower retaliation or an otherwise improper personnel action. Please follow the instructions on OSC Form 14 regarding the filing of disclosures of wrongdoing and reports of prohibited personnel practices. ​